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The Secret of Saving Petrol with Hybrid Cars

If your business has a fleet of cars, chances are that fuel will always be at the back of your mind. Perhaps your employees spend all day on the road and you’re worried about the cost of petrol. Or perhaps you’re trying to make your business more environmentally friendly and are looking for ways to reduce your carbon emissions.

If this is the case, you’ll probably be looking into how to reduce your petrol consumption. You may never have considered alternative fuels but let us let you into a little secret – hybrid cars can do wonders for your fuel efficiency and drive your costs down.

So what is a hybrid car?

Hybrid cars are called hybrids because they have a small internal combustion engine (ICE) as well as an electric motor. This allows them to create maximum power with minimum emissions.

One of their major strengths is being able to conserve energy. When you’re waiting at traffic lights or stuck in traffic, the ICE shuts down and the energy from the electric motor is used to power the vehicle – saving you petrol, money and reducing your carbon emissions.

Reasons to renew your fleet with hybrid cars

If you’re looking to renew your fleet, you should seriously considering converting to a fleet of hybrid cars.

With petrol costs sky-rocketing in the last few years, even small cuts in fuel consumption can save a considerable amount. As children we’re all taught to ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’, so apply this principle to your driving habits and you’ll be able to cut your fleet’s running costs.

And with fossil fuels running out, now is the time to switch to alternative fuels. Individuals look to businesses to lead the way on energy saving and if you run several cars, your reduction in fuel consumption will be a significant contribution.

The top hybrid cars on the market

Looking at a hybrid car, you’d never know it was any different from a normal petrol or diesel car. Most car manufacturers offer hybrid versions of their cars so buyers can opt for a more fuel-efficient version of the car they want.

Toyota, for example, offer a hybrid version of the Yaris. Due to its low fuel emissions, this version is eligible for free road tax, which would make a considerable saving when applied across your whole fleet.

The Honda Insight is another hybrid model that looks professional, yet is cheap to run and has low carbon emissions.

So shop around when you’re renewing your fleet and see what different manufacturers have to offer. Hybrids can be a great, cost-effective alternative to a petrol or diesel car and the savings you make can really benefit your business.

December 11, 2013