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Why do I Need a Part-Time Motor Trade Insurance Policy?

When you drive any kind of vehicle for business or trade reasons, you probably know already that you need an insurance policy that covers you when you are travelling around for work – personal motor insurance does not provide you with enough protection in the event of an accident while getting to a job.

If you have already found lots of different quotes and prices, these might all be for policies that cover you for a full-time job, and Insure Motor Trade may be able to help you if you only work part-time hours.

It is just like anything else in business – there is no need to pay for more insurance than you really have to, and our team of insurance experts can find you part-time motor trade insurance at the best possible price.

What are the special features of part-time motor trade insurance?

As a trader or employee that is only active for a certain part of the week, there may be a number of things that we can use to bring down your insurance quote.

If you are self-employed, you may not have your own separate place of work – you could be someone who just operates their company from their vehicle. We can find insurance products where you don’t need to pay for ‘premises cover’, which will also be based on your part-time working hours.

When drivers only spend part of their week on the road, there is obviously a lower risk of any kind of accident – normal insurance brokers may not be able to organise cover that takes advantage of your working hours.

When you get in touch with Insure Motor Trade for a quote, we ask all of the right questions to make sure that you get the perfect insurance policy and great value for money.

How can this type of part-time cover fit in with your family life?

We know that many people use vehicles for business reasons for part of the day, before they are then used for personal tasks – this could be taking the kids to school, picking up your partner from work, or for any other non-work purpose.

When we put together a part-time motor trade insurance policy for you, we can make sure that you are covered for every type of driving activity.

If you wish to choose another named driver for your car or van outside of work time (this could be a spouse or partner), Insure Motor Trade can get a range of prices for you to look at that include other cover for extra qualified drivers.

What can Insure Motor Trade do to get your vehicle covered for business as soon as possible?

If you have only just started to use your personal vehicle for business or trade reasons, we can get you the best possible range of quotes – this just leaves you the easier task of choosing the policy that is right for you.

The team at Insure Motor Trade can then set things in motion as quickly as possible, and your car or van will be covered for any possible situation.

To find out more, get in touch with us today on 0844 931 2020.

May 10, 2014