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Part-time Motor Trade Insurance Explained

If you spend any time at all working on vehicles in any capacity as a part-time worker in the trade or if you have your own business which you run part-time, you can still get a Part Time Motor Traders insurance policy.

If you buy and sell cars, repair vehicles, valet cars, fit tyres, exhausts or batteries or do anything else to do with the motor trade, it is more than likely that you can get a policy.

Our Part Time Motor Traders insurance policy will cover you for all of these types of activities and will also cover you for driving your own vehicles and those you are working on.

These vehicles will also be eligible to be registered on the Motor Insurance Database and won’t show up as uninsured if the number plate is scanned by the police or the DVLA while you are out on the road, driving the vehicle.

Good reasons

There are a lot of good reasons to have this kind of policy.

If a vehicle you are responsible for is damaged or stolen, that vehicle is covered. If your customer makes a claim against you as a result of any work you have done on the vehicle, you are covered. If the police stop you on the road for any reason, you are covered.

If you were uninsured in any of these situations, it’s likely that you could have a problem.

What can I get?

There are two types of insurance available.

The first is Road Risk Insurance, which gives you cover against claims resulting from accidents that have been caused by any of the vehicles you are responsible for.

The second is Combined Motor Trade Insurance, which covers employers’ and public liability, interruption of business and goods that are being carried.

To get cover, you will need to be able to prove, with evidence, that you are genuinely in the trade.

You will need to be careful if this is not your main business as the vehicles you use in your main business may not be covered by this policy. For instance, if bricklaying is your main trade and you have drive to and from different sites, you may need an extension to your policy to cover you work vehicle.

Bear in mind …

Motor trade insurance policies are generally not like the policies you buy for your private car.

They probably won’t have all the extras you might have on your car insurance, like breakdown cover and replacement cars. Road Risk Insurance also won’t cover vehicles for sale kept on your premises.

If you want these to be covered, have a look at your premises insurance policy. There are also some kinds of vehicle that won’t be covered at all and some that will only have restricted cover, so if you are unsure about this, check the policy before you buy it.

If you do make a claim against the policy, it is very likely that any payments will only be at the trade value of the vehicle.

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April 13, 2014