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Understanding motor trade combined insurance

This is a much more complex insurance than just the standard cover. Instead, it aims to protect all the different elements of your business. This is likely to include important areas such as Public and Employers Liability and protecting your Goods in Transit. As each business’s needs are different, the following provides no more than an introductory explanation.

Either before reading it – or afterwards – you might reach the same conclusion… your simplest course of action is to contact our experienced and helpful team of experts here at Insure Motor Trade and allow us to work with you to define your particular needs and then find the best way to meet them!

The basic starting point – do you need a motor trade combined policy?

Do you own or run a car dealership – either independently-owned or main – from your business premises? Are there likely to be valuable tools, equipment or vehicles on display?

If you have answered “yes”, then we would highly recommend that you invest in a motor trade combined policy.

The coverage this policy offers

The ultimate aim is to provide you with the peace of mind you gain by knowing that, whatever the circumstances or situation, protection is available to you. Let’s look at some of the specific areas you might want to obtain cover for…

• the theft of any cash kept on your premises or the equipment you use to operate as a motor trader

• the contents you keep at your location to work with – such as machinery and fixtures and fittings

• any damage to the business premises you own or where your lease holds you responsible for any repairs that may be needed

• possible damage to vehicles which are kept at your business location

• loss of, or damage to, any belongings and possessions of either your staff or customers

• key liability areas – such as employers liability, public liability and sales and service indemnity liability

• road risks or any unforeseen interruptions to the operations of your business

Other things to know

The above is a fairly extensive, but not necessarily complete, list. Another reason why it’s worthwhile consulting with our team. We can work with to provide the level and scope of coverage you need.

Other occupations for which we can provide cover

You might be working in one of many motor-industry related areas. Examples of this could include: body repair shop, regular maintenance or servicing. You might operate an MOT testing centre or even import luxury cars.

Whichever is you – or if you operate in any other areas we haven’t yet mentioned – it’s vital to make sure that you are adequately covered no matter what situation might arise.

Our Insure Motor Trade team look to save you worry, effort, time and cost by discovering what you need and finding the best way to provide it.

Contact us now on 0800 931 2020, and put our people to work on your behalf…

May 21, 2014