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What are the regulations and the restrictions of motor trade insurance?

If you are just starting out with your new business, or you have been trading for a while, you may have already been tempted to just purchase personal insurance to try and save money.

When business or trade drivers use their vehicle with this type of cover, they are taking a huge risk if they have an accident – this could seriously damage your business if you do not have the right kind of insurance.

When investigators can establish that an accident has taken place with invalid insurance, you could be liable for serious costs and legal fees.

If that all doesn’t make you realise how important the right type of insurance can be, it is also illegal to intentionally drive with an invalid policy!

If you contact our team at Insure Motor Trade for a quote, we will do everything to make sure that your policy is legal.

How important is it to have clearly named drivers on a policy?

When you get a quote from Insure Motor Trade that needs all drivers to be named, you will always be asked for full details – failing to give the right information could lead to big problems in the future.

If a driver is caught at the wheel of a car or van that they are not insured to drive, in the eyes of the law this is exactly the same as driving without insurance, and we’re sure that we don’t need to remind you about how serious this is.

It isn’t worth risking points on your license if you are pulled over for this offence, and we can help you to understand exactly who is allowed to drive vehicles that are covered by a certain policy.

When new employees join a company, you must make sure that you let your insurer know about the new driver – forgetting this simple step will be no excuse for a police officer.

Why should you call Insure Motor Trade about policies for younger drivers?

Our insurance team knows how difficult it is to get a reasonable quote for drivers that are under the age of 25, and this can add huge costs to your company’s budget.

Luckily, we are experts in contacting insurers that offer policies for younger drivers – regular firms will always consider them to be in a high-risk group.

How can Insure Motor Trade make sure that your business trade insurance is legal?

When we get an enquiry about trade motor insurance, we take plenty of information to make sure that your policy covers everything that it needs to – if you include all details and named drivers, we can ensure that your vehicles and employees are ‘road legal.’

To get a quote and find out more about a new policy, get in touch with us today.

May 15, 2014