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What occupations are covered by motor trade insurance?

To gain the benefits of coverage, it doesn’t matter whether you are operating on a full or part time basis, working from home or on specific premises.

Motor trade insurance does, however, only apply if you are selling six or more vehicles per year or dealing with customers vehicles for a motor trade purpose.

Apart from this, if you operate as an individual or a business in an occupation related to the motor trade, then you can be covered by motor trade insurance. We’ve provided a list of the types of occupations later on this page.

The key difference between a private policy and a motor trade one

With the former, the policy names both the driver and the vehicle.

With a motor trade policy, the policyholder is named. This means that he or she can drive any vehicle connected to their business operation without the need for you to obtain separate policies covering each driver for each vehicle.

For example, you might be moving or testing customers’ vehicles or, as a dealer, repositioning or moving your stock.

Examples of jobs that can be covered

Here is an extensive (but probably not complete) list of the kind of occupations that may be covered by motor trade insurance:

• Operators of accident and breakdown vehicles or services
• Vehicle service, maintenance, and repair mechanics
• Provision of panel beating services
• Car tune-up or re-specification operations
• Motor vehicle collection or delivery agents
• Mobile or fixed car wash and valeting facilities
• Buying and selling of motor vehicles

Your activities may not be fully described in the above list. Whether they are or not, simply contact Insure Motor Trade on 0844 931 2020 and we will be able to quickly tell you whether the work you do may be covered.

Coverage of vehicle demonstration activities

We are often asked whether coverage is provided when, as a motor dealer, you or one of your team allows a possible purchaser of the vehicle to take it for a test drive. The “Demonstration Cover” add-on to a policy can be used to cover such situations.

Why public liability cover is important

Obviously, many of your activities as a motor dealer must involve contact with members of the public. You will, therefore, want to know that you are adequately covered against possible claims for negligence as you carry out such activities and interactions.

An example of this could be where you were showing a customer changes made to their vehicle and they slipped on a patch of oil that hadn’t been cleaned up. Or a visitor to your premises trips over a piece of equipment left where it shouldn’t be. There are many possible scenarios and public liability insurance is designed to help cover you for such events.

Organising your motor trade insurance policy

It can be complicated, and time consuming, to find exactly what you need when searching on your own.

Here’s the simple answer – contact our friendly and professional team here at Insure Motor Trade today on 0844 931 2020 – and we can set to work on your behalf…

May 25, 2014