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Motor Traders: How to keep the cost of running a car down

With rising petrol prices, insurance on the up and day to day costs such as services and tyres, motorists are increasingly finding that running a car is becoming more and more expensive.

So any little things you can do in order to bring down the costs will make your car ownership more efficient:

Find a local independent garage

If you can find a trustworthy local garage, you could save a lot of money by avoiding the mass dealership route. If you are a motor trader, then every penny needs to be focused into your business, and by using a local garage to fix your vehicles you should get a better deal on the costs. Just be sure to get a second opinion if you find costs to be higher than you were expecting, as this way you can be sure they are reliable.

Look after the car for depreciation

Cars can lose their value quickly due to many reasons, such as new models being released onto the market. So the more you can do to look after the car, the more value you will retain in it and prevent any problems from occurring, resulting in fixes being needed or even breakdowns. So, for example, as soon as you see any minor marks or repairs that need sorting, get on them straightaway, and keeping it in a clean condition and with low mileage should help too.

Get cheap motor trade insurance

One of the main things most motor traders benefit from is their motor trade insurance. It offers maximum protection when something goes wrong so that they don’t have to pay out of their own pocket for compensation claims, damages or even theft. So the cost of paying for motor trade insurance is nothing compared to what it would cost traders to pay out in the event of an incident, which could possibly take them under.

However, on a day to day basis, naturally the lower the cost of the motor trade insurance premium, the better it is for the business’s books. So making sure you go to a reputable broker who has experience and knowledge of the industry, and relationships with specialist insurers will make sure that you get the cheapest quote possible.

Review day to day running costs

Shop around for the best deals possible – as it really does make a difference in your overall costs throughout the year. From looking around at where you can buy your petrol or diesel cheaper, where you can park cheaper, avoid tolls, and getting things such as cheap tyres, all of these contribute to less running costs which will have a direct impact on your business.

So if you follow these steps in trying to keep your costs down, you should see a change to your business running costs, as treating each car individually in looking after it will help to ensure there are no nasty surprises and with your insurance cover, that even if something does crop up you’ll be protected.


September 21, 2014