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Our team here at Insure Motor Trade are often asked questions about who can actually drive under a road risks policy – and in what circumstances.

There is a very basic answer – to drive any vehicle legally on a public highway in the United Kingdom, it is mandatory that you have a valid insurance policy which allows you to do so. This would even be true for a quick test drive to the end of the street!

A road risks policy, like the ones we provide for many customers, will offer coverage for both yourself and the people who work for you. This will allow driving only of work-associated vehicles – but this could include customers’ cars as well as any personal vehicles the policy holder owns.

You make the decision as to who is included – from policies applying only to specifically-named drivers, to others where you can add any other people you choose (even friends and relatives). Not surprisingly, the more people you name, the higher are your premium charges and you are responsible for.

Five important points worth your attention

As the saying goes: “The devil is in the detail”. Therefore, when considering the best policy to choose for your circumstances, there are a range of other factors you may wish to consider. Here are six of the more common:

• The need for coverage for damage or loss on a road, or when parked, for the duration of a journey, as well as at the home location of a policy holder

• Most road risk policies will not include coverage on or within 400 metres of any separate motor trade premises

• Highly-expensive or unconventionally-produced cars are likely to require extra special cover – of course, this raises premium costs

• Check for any restrictions – such as only for business or social use – for any of your additional drivers

• Also check carefully for any vehicle restrictions contained in your motor trade insurance policy

International driving

This is an area about which our Insure Motor Trade team are frequently asked for advice (often, sadly, at the last minute as an afterthought).

It simply depends on the policy issued by your insurance company – most do allow you to take a vehicle outside the UK for social use or if it is associated with your occupation within the motor trade but you may find that cover is restricted.

If you are likely to be in such a situation, mention it to our experts when you detail your needs and we can investigate the options for you.

A wise course of action

Your business days are no doubt filled with important tasks. Discovering the best insurance policy, and at the best-possible price, can take up more of your time and energy than you wish to give it.

Allow us to make the effort on your behalf. Contact us here at Insure Motor Trade  on 0844 931 2020 and we’ll provide a solution.

June 1, 2014