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Can I get Motor Trade Insurance if I have driving convictions?

You might have been banned from driving due to drink driving or obtained a number of convictions on your licence. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get cover. It might cost more than normal insurance, but you can shop around for a better deal on motor trade insurance for convicted drivers.

Will it be expensive?

For insurance firms, the fact you’ve got convictions against your name means you’re going to be more of a more high risk driver for them to insure. And for your company, this means you could pose an issue when they’re trying to gain cheap insurance.

There are higher premiums as a result of this, but insurance cover is a legal requirement and so it is imperative that all employees within a company are covered – no matter what the cost. So the long and short of it is yes, it is likely to be more costly than normal insurance but you can shop around for cheap deals.

Where can I find cheap motor trade insurance with convictions?

Do your research and find a broker who specialises in what you need. There are plenty out there and after you have contacted them, be as open as possible – even if your previous insurer has refused you cover, it is absolutely the right thing to do to disclose every shred of information, as they will be able to negotiate a cheaper deal with insurers on your behalf, but they’ll need to know all the facts to do so.

Insurers will be able to check on your previous history anyway these days, so there’s no point in hiding it. It is better to give them a good first impression of yourself, and present yourself as honest and upfront with all the adequate information they need on previous claims.

What type of convictions will be accepted for cover?

There are a range of driving offences you may have been charged with. The usual ones people might automatically think of are drink driving, careless driving or exceeding the speed limit. However, other offences could be driving with defective eyesight, using a mobile phone – or, of course, driving without insurance.

Your broker should have a list of the convictions covered by your insurer, so it is best to double check from the outset. But as a rule, most insurers will cover all convictions, but for the sake of your employer, you should clarify this, and then you’ll have peace of mind that you have the right type of motor trade insurance for convicted drivers.

July 29, 2014