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The Best Online Motor Trade Resources

Working within the motor trade is an extremely hard, technical and competitive business. It can have excellent rewards, however, but one of the most important things to a trader is knowing where to get the right information from. This can be a great time-saving exercise and can help you maximise the most of the money you make – or help you make more of it.

Here are some tips for great resources available if you work in the industry:

Trade magazines

Motor Trader, Car Dealer Magazine, AM Online, Dealer Update; these are just some of the publications available to keep motor traders up-to-date with industry news. While Motor Trader has been around for 100 years, whereas Dealer Update is a relatively new kid on the block, all of these magazines share the same goal in providing their readers with information on everything from the latest trends, views and analysis – to producing surveys identifying the country’s top performers within the industry.

They can also help you with information on things such as the business side of things, like finding employees and how to get motor trade insurance. They have many blogs on a variety of subjects relating to the industry, and forums and discussion groups where traders give each other advice on everything from fixing a particular type of car, to understanding motor trade insurance and which companies are the best for your needs.

Car Launches and Reviews

If you’re a car retailer, then it’s important to know which cars your customers are likely to want to buy – before they even know about it yet. Finding out about the next big thing, and what people are saying about it, could be the difference between your customer coming to you or somebody else for their next purchase.

Therefore, websites like What Car, Auto Express and Auto Car are an invaluable source of information to those who work in car dealerships. And even those who work in engineering and auto-electricians can use them to stay adrift of new trends technically, and in design to help them stay one step ahead with their jobs too.


Websites like The Car Lot from The Motor Trade Club and Autotrader are trusted resources for many when it comes to selling vehicles. With both new and used cars for sale, plus bikes, trucks, caravans and vans, it offers a wide variety of vehicles where a trader can either purchase with a view to fixing up and selling on, or selling already fixed up motors.

In recent years, eBay has also become a popular choice for traders too, as most will already have an account set up and know how to work it. Plus it’s straightforward and has a huge customer base.

Tax information

HRMC is the most popular resource for traders to make sure they are doing everything right in the Government’s eyes when it comes to their business. From advice on self-assessments for self-employed to all the information you need on looking after your employees’ P60s, and expenses and benefits, to sorting pension schemes and VAT, everything you need to know as a business is laid out for you here.

July 14, 2014