MSN Business Directory How do I arrange motor trade insurance for young drivers?


How do I arrange motor trade insurance for young drivers?

Now that you have got the keys to your new van or car, the only thing left to arrange is trade insurance.

If you want to use your vehicle for motor trade related business, you must get a trade policy – driving with a personal policy could mean that you are fully liable and are not insured for any claims if you have an accident while driving for work reasons.

As a younger driver, you may already be frustrated at the prices that you have been quoted, and you need to try a provider that specialises in trade insurance for your age group.

Why should you use Insure Motor Trade?

The problem with using regular insurance quote websites is that you will be getting prices from insurers that are aimed at all ages.

You can’t help being in a ‘high-risk’ category, but you can help yourself by using Insure Motor Trade.

Our specialists know how difficult it is for you to get a reasonable quote, and we will do our best to try and find a reasonable trade motor insurance for under 25s.

We forward your details to companies that have policies for your age group, and we can also help you to customise your quote for your business needs – ‘one size fits all’ never works for anyone in business!

Our range of insurers

When you arrange your trade motor insurance with Insure Motor Trade, you will benefit from a policy that will protect you and your vehicle in the event of different types of road incidents.

If the worst happens, your cover will also protect you from hefty legal costs if other people and vehicles are involved, and your business will be in the best possible hands.

If your business changes suddenly, we can make sure that your policy can be changed quickly and easily – this will leave you free to carry on building your company.

At the same time, our range of insurers and policies means that you will not end up with cover that has loads of unnecessary features that you don’t need, and you can keep your premium costs low.

What details do we need to arrange your cover?

When you get in touch with Insure Motor Trade to sort out your trade motor insurance, we will take every piece of information that we need without any fuss, and we will make sure that we get to know everything about your business.

With all of these details, we can then approach all of our insurance partners and get you the best possible quote.

We will let you know about the best prices, and you are free to choose the best policy for your vehicle – we can help you as much or as little as you want when making the final decision.

To start taking advantage of our list of insurance partners, get in touch with Insure Motor Trade as soon as possible.

June 7, 2014