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What are the age requirements for motor trade insurance?

If you or your company wants to cover all drivers on a policy, motor trade insurance can be affordable and convenient.

Unfortunately, this can get a bit more complicated if there are drivers involved that are under 25 – this age group is the most likely to have an accident, and most insurance companies know this and either wont be able to quote or bump up their prices to cover this.

At Insure Motor Trade, we know how difficult it is to get a good quote for younger drivers, and we will get in touch with lots of different companies and get you the best price.

How long do young drivers need to have held their licence for?

Once a young driver has passed their theory and practical tests, they can be added to a motor trade insurance policy once they have had their licence for 12 months.

The same rule is also used for drivers that have a licence from another EU country, so you can be completely clear about who can drive under a joint business policy.

Can having young drivers send your insurance costs sky-high?

When you get your trade insurance from a regular broker or website, your insurance may become really expensive when you add drivers that are under 25 – this is a sign that you need to speak to a team of experts that can bring your young driver costs down.

At Insure Motor Trade, we have been sorting out this kind of young driver trade policy for many years, and we know the best companies to approach for every type of business customer.

Under 19s are three times as likely to have an accident than people that are double that age, and you need an insurance company that doesn’t use this as an excuse to charge you a small fortune.

Although some specialist policies may state that younger members need to drive less-powerful vehicles, this type of rule could be the difference between getting a reasonable quote and an expensive one.

How long will any young driver restrictions need to be in place for?

Once it is time to renew your policy with Insure Motor Trade, we can approach our insurance partners and let them know if the previous year has been claim-free for you (or perhaps a year with very few claims).

This information can help to reduce your insurance premium, and a good record can also persuade them to lift some of the restrictions that are in place on your policy.

We know how important it is to get rewards for ‘good behaviour,’ and if you can save money by moving to another insurer, we will let you know.

For more details about getting the best prices from Insure Motor Trade, get in touch with one of our experts as soon as possible.

May 17, 2014