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Mechanics Insurance

What do I need to know about mechanics insurance?

Mechanics insurance has been designed to protect mechanics working in the motor trade industry, protecting their business whether it specialises in MOTs, bodywork, repairs, and more.

What does it cover?

Mechanics insurance covers mechanics for:

  • Public and employer’s liability
  • Damage to buildings, contents, and materials
  • Damages to customer and business vehicles
  • Theft of stock, money, and tools from the premises
  • The loss of an MOT licence

Is there a one-size-fits-all policy?

Mechanics insurance is typically tailor-made for mechanics, with policies designed around their business to help them operate with optimum efficiency.

Once mechanics know their business is fully protected then they can work with confidence knowing that their business is safe and secure.

It’s also a fantastic selling point to potential customers. If you can point out that you’re fully covered by mechanics insurance then it can give clients peace of mind when you look to fix their vehicles.

Why do I need it?

Mechanics need mechanics insurance to cover them because they’ll be working on cars, vans, and other vehicles that don’t belong to them on a daily basis.

If a customer were to raise a complaint over something like a dent in the bodywork or a scratch on the paintwork then it could lead to a lengthy court battle.

That disruption can cause potential issues with regard money and manpower available to the business. Being protected with mechanics insurance solves a lot of those problems.

Mechanics insurance is there to protect both you and your customers in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

Can other policies be added to it?

Thanks to the bespoke nature of mechanics insurance it can fit in well with other policies to give mechanics the best protection possible for their business.

  • Road risks protection allows people to operate as a mobile mechanic
  • Employees liability offers cover if an employee were to file a lawsuit
  • Premises protection protects against vandalism, theft, and natural damages
  • Motor mechanics insurance can cover tools if they need to be replaced

And more.

Is it a legal requirement?

It depends entirely on the nature of the business you’re running. If you’re any of the following then you’ll be legally required to have motor trade insurance:

  • A new or second-hand car dealership
  • A private vehicle seller or auction house
  • All mechanics
  • Tyre fitters and valet businesses
  • Breakdown and recovery firms
  • Delivery and collection agents
  • Vehicle salvage and breaker specialists

Do mobile mechanics need full motor trade insurance policies?

Not at all. Again, the best policies are bespoke and work to the strengths of the mechanic’s business. So long as your vehicle and customers’ cars are covered then you’ll be fine. This can also help keep policy costs low, depending on your circumstances.

Having customers’ cars insured means that you can road test them when you’ve finished working on them, and helps protect you should any accidents occur. But being covered gives customers confidence that you’re a reliable, trusted mechanic.

To find out more about how Insure Motor Trade can help you with your Mechanics Insurance needs, call us today on 0844 931 2020.

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