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What Happens if You Drive Without Insurance?

Many people drive without insurance, thinking that there are few consequences for doing so. However, this seemingly extra cost on top of your other bills and fuel costs should not be considered an option. By law, you cannot a vehicle without at least third party insurance – here we explain why it’s so important to make sure you have adequate cover at all times.

Am I still okay to drive as long as the car is insured?

Many fall into the trap of thinking that if the vehicle is insured, then they are fine to drive it even without having insurance themselves. However, this is not the case – you should always be insured yourself.

What is the penalty for driving without insurance?

If you are caught driving without insurance then you could end up with up to a £300 fine and 6 points on your license from the police. Then, furthermore, if the case goes to court you could even end up worst case scenario with a maximum fine of £5,000; being disqualified from driving altogether; and even face having your car seized, or destroyed.

As for the absolute worst thing possible, if you were caught driving uninsured and were devastatingly involved in an accident, The Road Safety Act of 2006 states that motorists who kill are can be given harsher sentences.

Will you be given a second chance to provide proof?

If, at the time you are approached by a police officer, you cannot provide proof of your insurance right there and then, you are usually given 7 days to take proof in the form of an insurance certificate to the police station.

However, if you then failed to do this, it can be regarded as yet another offence. Therefore, it is advisable for you to carry your insurance certificate with you at all times when driving.

What does insurance protect you from anyway?

Aside from being a legal requirement, at Insure Motor Trade we always advise that insurance protects you in the event of the theft of your vehicle, or damage to it, or being involved in an accident, and liability for motor trade businesses. Your policy is there to protect you and cover you for expenses involved in repairs or replacements, amongst many other features that your experienced Insure Motor Trade insurance broker will be able to explain to you in more detail.

There are many benefits for both individuals and companies in different ways to having cover – both to protect your interests, or those of your company and your employees.

What about if you’re not driving at the moment?

It doesn’t matter if you’re not driving right now – even if your car is off the road you still need to make sure that you are insured. This is because of new legislation called the Continuous Insurance Enforcement, which says that unless you have Statutory Off Road Notification, you still need to be insured. Failure to do so means you could face a penalty of a £100 fine, your car being clamped, impounded or destroyed, a maximum £1000 fine and a court prosecution.

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June 14, 2014