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Garage Insurance

What should I know about getting insurance for my garage?

As a mechanic sorting out insurance for your garage is important and helps mechanics run their business. It protects mechanics by covering yours and your customers’ vehicles, all in one flexible policy.

Does it only cover vehicles?

You can obtain insurance that covers your contents, tools, and the stock within your garage. It can also cover the premises if you require.

As standard with your insurance for the garage you may be able to get employers and public liability insurance, which will also help protect employees in the event of any lawsuits occurring.

Can extras be added, too?

Of course. The best insurance for garages is a bespoke policy that works for the benefit of the business, allowing mechanics the freedom to do their job without having to worry about whether they’re covered or not.

As part of a flexible policy engineering risks, personal accident cover, directors and officer’s liability, professional indemnity, and more can be added to garage insurance.

Do I need it?

Not only does insurance for garages protect you and your customers’ vehicles under UK law but it can also protect the contents of your garage as well as the property itself.

It can also put customers at ease. If they know you’re covered with a good insurance policy then potential clients may be more confident in choosing you over a competitor.

How do I qualify?

If you’ve resided in the UK for more than 3 years and have held a current UK drivers licence for more than a year then your business qualifies for motor trade insurance.

To qualify for a motor traders insurance policy though you must be between 22 years of age and 79.

Is insurance for my garage a legal requirement?

There are a number of vehicle-based businesses in the UK which need motor trade insurance by law. You’ll need it if you’re:

  • A vehicle mechanic
  • Offer a breakdown service
  • A vehicle delivery or collection agent
  • A salvager or breaker
  • A new car dealership or a second-hand dealer
  • A vehicle auction house
  • Involved in private vehicle sales
  • A valet business
  • A specialist tyre fitter

I noticed employer’s liability?

A combined insurance policy for the garage is a fantastic policy if your business has a number of staff. A good policy will have employer’s liability to cover your legal costs should an employee file a lawsuit against you.

Employer’s liability helps business owners if an employee sustains a personal injury during a road accident in the working day or if they get injured whilst working for you.

And public liability?

Public liability works in a similar way, helping businesses with legal expenses and solicitor fees if a customer files a claim against your company.

To find out more about how Insure Motor Trade can help you with your Garage Insurance needs, call us today on 0844 931 2020.

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