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Motor Traders Warned about Tax Disc Changes

All motor traders are in for big changes on October 1st 2014, when the paper tax disc will be replaced by a new online system. The Driving Vehicle and Licensing Agency have introduced the changes as both a way to […]

The car insurance post code lottery

Your registered business postcode can have a significant impact on the cost of your motor trade insurance policy. Depending on where your business is based, your premium could differ by up to hundreds of pounds compared with a business in […]

The websites helping women find trustworthy motor traders

As a motor trader, it takes time to build a reputation and customer base who trust in your work and will recommend you to others. It is an extremely competitive field, and there are many bad traders who spoil it […]

The Motor Trade is my Hobby – What do I Need to Know?

Are you starting out in the motor trade as a hobby? Perhaps restoring vehicles or buying and selling a few cars a year? If so, read on for the top things every motor trade enthusiast needs to know. You never […]

Cars Continue to be the Commuter’s Transport of Choice?

The BBC recently reported that despite the ongoing financial crisis, the car is still, by far the most popular mode of transport for commuters. But we ask, is this really news? For most of us, the daily commute is about […]

Is the Bicycle Becoming More Popular Than The Car?

The latest transport research carried out by respected US News Agency, NPR, has identified that in 26 of 28 European countries, including the UK, the humble bicycle is outselling the new car and we ask – is the bike really […]

Are Driverless Cars the Future?

Along with jet-packs, anti-gravity skateboards and time travel, a car which can drive itself sounds like just another fantasy from a future that most of us will never actually get to experience in our lifetime. But, with the formal announcement […]

Driving Tests Around the World

Learning to drive in the UK is a fairly gruelling process. But after thorough theory and practical tests, drivers are awarded a much sought-after certificate that deems them safe to drive on UK roads. To reach this point, the average […]

How to Check Used Car Documentation

If you’re buying a used car, checking the documentation is essential for making sure you’re getting a good deal. It’s also vital for making sure you’re buying what the seller says you’re buying. Vehicle documentation can tell you how road […]

Is this the Perfect Car for Africa?

Most modern cars are not suitable for the harsh conditions of Africa – they’re too complex, too computerised and too difficult to maintain. That’s why a new, simpler car called Turtle 1 has recently attracted attention. It was designed by […]