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Part Time Motor Trade Insurance

How to Become a Part Time Motor Trader

Working in the motor trade is viewed by the many who join it each year as a potential source of income in many areas from selling on vehicles to fixing them up. What do I need to know before going […]

Why do I Need a Part-Time Motor Trade Insurance Policy?

When you drive any kind of vehicle for business or trade reasons, you probably know already that you need an insurance policy that covers you when you are travelling around for work – personal motor insurance does not provide you […]

How much does part time motor insurance cover?

It can sometimes come as a surprise to people who’ve set up a part time business, or a small business based out of their home, that they need just the same types of insurance cover as someone running a large […]

Part-time Motor Trade Insurance Explained

If you spend any time at all working on vehicles in any capacity as a part-time worker in the trade or if you have your own business which you run part-time, you can still get a Part Time Motor Traders […]

Do I need Insurance if I only trade vehicles part-time?

Insure Motor Trade understands not everyone who works in the motor trade does so full-time and may not need an insurance policy that provides all-encompassing cover. It may be that you only work in the motor trade as a sideline […]