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What Happens if You Drive Without Insurance?

Many people drive without insurance, thinking that there are few consequences for doing so. However, this seemingly extra cost on top of your other bills and fuel costs should not be considered an option. By law, you cannot a vehicle […]

How does Gender Affect Your Insurance Premium?

Traditionally, the role of gender in car insurance has meant that women have had typically much lower premiums.  This also meant that for women working in the motor trade industry, they have been able to pay less on their insurance […]

Do I need an insurance Green Card necessary when driving abroad?

If you’re going abroad with your vehicle, you’ll need to know that you’re fully insured to do so. Naturally all drivers leaving the UK for abroad will need to have, and bring with them, a full driving licence. However, it […]

Insurance Groups Explained

Groups are the way insurance companies classify different makes and models of cars. Because some types of car are more of an insurance risk, there is a scale of groups which runs from 1 to 50. Cars in the lowest […]