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Can I get Motor Trade Insurance if I have driving convictions?

You might have been banned from driving due to drink driving or obtained a number of convictions on your licence. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get cover. It might cost more than normal insurance, but […]

Need to Know How No Claims Bonuses Work?

One of the main questions you probably have as a motor trader is ‘what is motor trade insurance?’ Of course, you know the basics – that it covers anyone working in the motor trade for risks involved with buying, selling […]

Getting Motor Trade Insurance if You’re Self-Employed

Running own business, second stream of income. All you need is enough money to get your first vehicle, and you’re away. Obviously, it’s better if you have experience of the industry – as you can pretty much hit the ground […]

The Best Online Motor Trade Resources

Working within the motor trade is an extremely hard, technical and competitive business. It can have excellent rewards, however, but one of the most important things to a trader is knowing where to get the right information from. This can […]

Can I Get Motor Trade Insurance for Modified Vehicles?

Working in the motor trade means that you’re open to all sorts of customers, with all sorts of needs and preferences. So, often, you are likely to come across modified vehicles – or even use them yourself – but where […]

Who Can Have Motor Trade Insurance?

Motor trade insurance protects against the risks involved with working within the trade – from theft, damage, accidents and can even cover you for your computers and electronic equipment. It is a legal requirement for anyone working in the motor […]