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Ways to Find the Best Motor Trade Insurance for Your Needs

Motor Trade Insurance is a legal requirement for any business working in the Motor Trade, and it also important to have as it protects you from the many risks associating with owning a business within this industry. However, finding a […]

How has the Motor Trade Changed in the Last 30 Years?

There have been significant changes to the Motor Trade over the last couple of decades. For starters, a lot of its business has gone online, as many companies have adapted to the consumers’ need to be able to access companies […]

How to Become a Part Time Motor Trader

Working in the motor trade is viewed by the many who join it each year as a potential source of income in many areas from selling on vehicles to fixing them up. What do I need to know before going […]

Top Motor Trade Insurance Renewal Tips and Tricks

It is hugely important as a business owner to save money and cut your cloth, to protect your interests as well as those of your employees. Whatever your company does, there are different ways to save cash, however if you’re […]

What Happens if You Drive Without Insurance?

Many people drive without insurance, thinking that there are few consequences for doing so. However, this seemingly extra cost on top of your other bills and fuel costs should not be considered an option. By law, you cannot a vehicle […]

How does Gender Affect Your Insurance Premium?

Traditionally, the role of gender in car insurance has meant that women have had typically much lower premiums.  This also meant that for women working in the motor trade industry, they have been able to pay less on their insurance […]

How do I arrange motor trade insurance for young drivers?

Now that you have got the keys to your new van or car, the only thing left to arrange is trade insurance. If you want to use your vehicle for motor trade related business, you must get a trade policy […]

Motor trade insurance for part-time motor traders

Working in the motor trade may not be your full time job. However, you will still need to take out a motor trade insurance policy for your part-time work. An example of this would be someone who has a permanent […]

Driving Motor Trade Insured Vehicles

Our team here at Insure Motor Trade are often asked questions about who can actually drive under a road risks policy – and in what circumstances. There is a very basic answer – to drive any vehicle legally on a […]