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Can I insure older vehicles on my Motor Trade Insurance Policy?

Not everyone in the motor trade can afford to run brand new vehicles. Sometimes, an older vehicle may represent an important saving on your initial business outlay, which is important when you are just getting going. Running older vehicles poses […]

Do I need an insurance Green Card necessary when driving abroad?

If you’re going abroad with your vehicle, you’ll need to know that you’re fully insured to do so. Naturally all drivers leaving the UK for abroad will need to have, and bring with them, a full driving licence. However, it […]

Obtaining coverage on a motor trade road risks policy

It’s important to understand what is or may not be covered by a motor trade policy. Here we specifically examine the road risks area – what it is likely to cover and any possible exclusions. This can be a complex […]

What occupations are covered by motor trade insurance?

To gain the benefits of coverage, it doesn’t matter whether you are operating on a full or part time basis, working from home or on specific premises. Motor trade insurance does, however, only apply if you are selling six or […]

What is Motor Trade Liability Insurance?

Despite taking all the necessary health and safety precautions, there may be nothing you can do to prevent one of your workers or a member of the general public having an accident on your premises. Whether it’s a slip or […]

Understanding motor trade combined insurance

This is a much more complex insurance than just the standard cover. Instead, it aims to protect all the different elements of your business. This is likely to include important areas such as Public and Employers Liability and protecting your […]

What is road risks insurance?

Road risks insurance is an essential aspect of any business motor trade cover, whether you’re an independent service and repair garage, bodyshop or a car dealership. By purchasing road risks insurance you are protecting your liability against damage to customer […]

Understanding motor trade insurance

When you need the best insurance to protect your motor trade business, give Insure Motor Trade a call. Whether you are selling vehicles from home or from an established forecourt, we offer expert assistance and ensure you get the best […]

What are the age requirements for motor trade insurance?

If you or your company wants to cover all drivers on a policy, motor trade insurance can be affordable and convenient. Unfortunately, this can get a bit more complicated if there are drivers involved that are under 25 – this […]

What are the regulations and the restrictions of motor trade insurance?

If you are just starting out with your new business, or you have been trading for a while, you may have already been tempted to just purchase personal insurance to try and save money. When business or trade drivers use […]