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How do I Make a Claim on my Motor Trade Insurance?

The last thing you think about when you are sorting out proper motor trade insurance cover is what happens if you have to make a claim. We all buy insurance hoping we never do have to make a claim against […]

What is the Motor Insurance Database?

The Motor Insurance Database (MID) is the UK’s central record of all vehicles that are insured to drive on UK roads. The database is used by the police to catch people who are driving without insurance – and it is […]

How Many Vehicles can I add to my Motor Trade Insurance Policy?

Also referred to as Road Risk Insurance, anyone who deals with the buying and selling of cars or a car repair service should take out a Motor Trade Insurance Policy. The great thing is that a motor trade insurance policy […]

How Much Does Motor Trade Insurance Cost?

For each individual their business needs and insurance requirements are different, meaning that there is no such thing as an average cost. Insurance providers will factor in a number of things, including if you trade on a full time basis […]

How much does part time motor insurance cover?

It can sometimes come as a surprise to people who’ve set up a part time business, or a small business based out of their home, that they need just the same types of insurance cover as someone running a large […]

Garage insurance – are you covered for everything?

Most of us are well acquainted with the concept of safeguarding our homes against burglaries and the loss of valuables, but it can be easy to forget the security of our outside buildings. It’s not just cars that find their […]

Part-time Motor Trade Insurance Explained

If you spend any time at all working on vehicles in any capacity as a part-time worker in the trade or if you have your own business which you run part-time, you can still get a Part Time Motor Traders […]

Motor Trade Insurance FAQs

If you work in the motor trade industry – whether that’s in a repair vehicle, as a valet, a fitter, or even if you run an MOT centre or garage – you will probably have come across motor trade insurance. […]