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Do I need Insurance if I only trade vehicles part-time?

Insure Motor Trade understands not everyone who works in the motor trade does so full-time and may not need an insurance policy that provides all-encompassing cover. It may be that you only work in the motor trade as a sideline […]

Can motor trade insurance and premises insurance be combined?

The short answer to this question is yes; if you take out a combined motor trade insurance policy then you can cover both your vehicle and business premises under one policy. This is easier to manage than taking out two […]

Can I Transfer my Motor Trade Insurance no Claims Bonus to Another Policy?

As with domestic insurance policies, you have the ability to earn a no claims bonus if you don’t make a claim under your motor trade insurance policy. By building up your no claims bonus you will be entitled to discount […]

Can I cover myself for loss of earnings under a motor trade insurance policy?

One of the main benefits of holding a motor trade insurance policy is the ability to tailor that policy to suit your business’ individual requirements. You can add extra cover to a standard policy so that you have covered all […]

Motor trade insurance is different, right?

Yes it is. A motor trade insurance policy differs in a number of important ways from the kind of insurance policy you will take out for your own personal, private car. To benefit from a motor trade insurance policy, you […]

Is my Motorbike Covered Under my Motor Traders Insurance

Motor trade insurance is more flexible than you think, and there are many options that allow you to expand coverage over and above your company vehicle or fleet. If you own a motorbike you will be pleased to know that […]

Can I drive a car I don’t own using Roads Risks insurance?

In the motor trade industry, you are likely to be left with client’s cars to service or manage. If you work in garage where customers drive their vehicles in and out, questions about insurance will rarely come up, but if […]